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Our Solutions

The Avolanta Platform is a product agnostic platform that can provide value to insurance companies of all types and sizes. 

Worksite Benefits

Improve the broker and employer experience by eliminating repetitive data capture resulting in quicker application completion. 

Single Application Capture

Blend multiple products into a single application process, eliminating duplicate data entry for common and shared fields.

Integrated Proposal

Streamline application capture for the employer by integrating census upload, quick quotes, digital proposals and plan selection into a single process, while working with the broker as needed.

Broker/Employer Collaboration

Allow brokers and employers to easily collaborate and collect data through a secure and digital experience. Eliminate the need for emails, phone calls and text messages, increasing data accuracy, security and completion.

Broker Performance Management

Have a complete dashboard view of all sales activity including breakdowns on product distribution and broker performance. This dashboard can also be made available to individual brokers to gauge their own performance.

Life & Annuity

Life products have a reputation for being complicated, but with the right technology to support them, selling and servicing these products can be significantly improved. 

New Business Processing

Build user-driven applications that offer a collaborative approach for agents to engage with consumers and complete in good order applications.

Enhanced Customer Service

Provide policyholder service through various methods including multichannel notifications and self-service portals for payment updates and beneficiary changes.

Account Management

Allow agents to manage their existing book of business easily, as well as assist policyholders with common account inquiries and updates.

Document Access

Provide agents and policyholders with access to common policy documents that can be generated through the Avolanta platform or stored in third party systems. 

Property & Casualty

From simple personal lines products, to more complex commercial policies, Avolanta creates a single place to attract, sell and service products. 

Digital Data Capture

Provide agents and consumers with a digital approach to secure, user-friendly data capture for new business and supplemental applications, and questionnaires.  

Multichannel Customer Service

Expand your traditional customer service initiatives to include multichannel support for voice, email, SMS and self-service portals when handling policy and claim inquiries.

Agent/Policyholder Collaboration

Improve the agent and policyholder relationship by providing a collaborative approach to how they interact. Whether through initial application capture or ongoing policy services, provide visibility into each step of the process.

Agent Portal

Present agents with the ability to not only initiate digital new business applications, but also insight into all in process activity. Additionally, agents can access customer data and make policy updates easily and as needed.