Our Products

The Avolanta Platform consists of three core components that leverage an innovative technological approach to help carriers attract, retain and support agents, brokers and customers.


Easily convert opportunities by capturing minimal data through a fully integrated, mobile-first, conversational interface. 

Avolanta Acquire creates a secure and collaborative sales process for brokers, agents and consumers. With a mobile-first design, applications can be shared and completed from any device at any time.

Acquire’s intuitive and conversational interface, allows users to experience a user-friendly application process that is both intelligent and reflexive. This helps ensure that all data required is captured and redundant rekeying of common or known data fields is eliminated.


Secure Collaboration

Bridge the gaps between agents, consumers and underwriting by providing increased security and collaboration to how data is captured. Eliminate emails, SMS and faxing due to missing information, and complete applications in a timely manner from quote to payment and signature capture. 

Core System Integration

Easily integrate Acquire with core quote, underwriting and administration systems to simplify the capturing and sharing of data across multiple solutions. 


Enable a personalized, multichannel approach to customer service that includes proactive communications based on key administration system data. 

Avolanta Interact creates an easier approach to multichannel customer service for insurance companies of all types and sizes. Whether through self-service options or outbound policyholder notifications, Interact creates a proactive versus reactive approach to handling policyholder requests. 

Leveraging the Avolanta analytics engine and core administration system data, both inbound and outbound communications are personalized and delivered through the policyholder’s channel of choice.


Multichannel Outreach

Provide agent and policyholder updates through personalized SMS, voice or email notifications that are based on customer preference.

Flexible Templates

Easily customize and deliver multichannel agent and customer communications. Our flexible communication templates help provide increased personalization and automation. 


Provide policyholders and agents with a customized, dynamic self-service portal that provides account insight and support methods based on user attributes and activities. 

Service by Avolanta is a complete mobile-friendly self-service portal for both sales teams and policyholders. The portals can be white-labeled and branded to fit the look of the agency or the insurance company, helping to create a more consistent customer service experience. 

Users have the ability to view and update account information and activity at any time. Additionally, data from core administration systems can be easily integrated into Service to create an even more detailed look at account information.

Agent Portal

Agents can view and organize in-process activity and applications. Additionally, they can manage their existing book of business, as well as update payment information and make policy changes on behalf of the customer. 

Customer Portal

Allow policyholders to view policy details and documents, as well as make policy changes. This component also supports the ability to make premium payments or update payment preferences.