Avolanta is proud to announce that we have been acquired by Socotra. Click here to learn more.

Think like a customer

Avolanta is a software provider that helps insurance companies drive revenue by providing a better agent, broker and customer experience.

Cloud-based sales and service enablement solutions

An insurance company’s biggest opportunity to grow revenue is to get agents and brokers to select them. Avolanta believes insurance companies should think like their customer and give agents and brokers digital tools to help them place more business. Our SaaS-based sales and service enablement platform is designed to reduce friction between insurance companies, sales teams and customers for quotes, applications and policyholder service.

Mobile First

Accessing the platform from any device including, phones, tablets and laptops allows for applications to be submitted from anywhere.


Sharing data capture between the agent and consumer provides a streamlined way to collect information in good order.


Leveraging a single platform to sell multiple products provides a seamless way to capture common data points a single time.

Our Platform


Convert opportunities digitally by capturing data through a fully integrated, mobile-first, collaborative interface that eases agent/consumer interaction.
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Enable a proactive, predictive and personalized approach to customer service that includes intelligent communications based on key administration system data.
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Provide policyholders and agents with a customized, dynamic self-service portal that provides account insight and support methods based on user attributes and activities.
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